What is the CCGA?

The Canterbury Community Gardens Association is a networking organisation for community gardens, promoting the growth of new and existing initiatives.
CCGA is a group of community gardeners and supportive individuals who are working together to promote and strengthen community garden initiatives in Christchurch.

CCGA is a signatory of the Healthy Christchurch Charter and the Avon Otakaro Network Charter

Community gardens are social centres that produce food and promote self-sufficiency. They play a vital role in communities by bringing people together and breaking down social isolation. They are also valuable educational resources, places for people to build confidence and develop employment related skills.

The CCGA vision is to: “strengthen and nurture existing community gardens, and support new initiatives, in order to build strong communities and encourage these by respecting and fostering human and environmental diversity”

Contact us


Christine Blance (Christchurch South Community Gardens)
P: (03) 942 6630
E: info@cscommunitygardens.net.nz
W: www.cscommunitygardens.net.nz
188 Strickland Street, Sydenham, Christchurch 8024


Bailey Peryman (Sumner-van Asch Community Garden)
P: (03) 326 6927
E: secretary@communitygardens.org.nz

Become a member

Please print out, complete and return this document to:


Canterbury Community Gardens Association Inc.
c/- 13 Woodlau Rise
Christchurch 8022

Payment can be made to our bank account online:

Canterbury Community Gardens Association Inc.
Bank Account number: 03 1780 0065095 01 (please reference your payment accordingly)

Register your details on the Canterbury Community Gardens Association database here.

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One comment on “About
  1. Tony Moore says:

    Great Website – well done!!

    I especially like the map and the directory that lists each garden. Very helpful for the community to locate their nearest garden and for the City Council, who can now direct residents to this “one stop shop” of community garden information.

    Together growing our community.

    Keep up the great work.
    Thanks to you all.

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